Friday, December 14, 2007

Castello Sforzesco in Milan

Sforza Castle

is one of the symbols of Milan together with the Madonnina and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Built within ten years between 1358 and 1368 under Galeazzo II Visconti. The Castle was partly destroyed in 1447 because of a decision of the Ambrosia Republic, it was rebuilt during Francesco Sforza’s period. The Castle suffered many adversities until 1880 when the government wanted to destroy it. The good sense prevailed and the Castle was restored under Luca Beltrami’s direction. The entrance is situated under the tower of Filarete; on the back you find the Bona di Savoia’s tower and on the left side the Rocchetta, a fortified part inside the Castle useful to get refuge during war attacks. The Rocchetta has a three sides internal portico, and inside its rooms there is the famous Bramante’s “Argus”. The Ducal Court was usually the residence of the lords. One of the rooms of Ducal Court, the “Sala delle Asse” is thought to have been frescoed by Leonardo da Vinci.

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